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Common Data Set

This data set is designed to provide data to publishers in an easily accessible format. The development of this survey assures our customers that they will obtain consistent and complete information.

The documents posted in this area contain the University of Maryland at College Park's answers to the Common Data Set (CDS). The answers provided by the University to the CDS conform to the standard definitions stated by the creators of the document, and any changes or additions to the wording or content are noted.

CDS files are available for the following years:

CDS by Section:

A. General Information about the University

B. Enrollment and Persistence

  • Full-time/Part-time UG, First-year, other years
  • Gender, race/ethnicity
  • Persistence, graduation and retention rates

C. First-Time, First-Year (Freshman) Admission

  • Application, acceptance, enrollment
  • Basis for selection
  • Profile of freshmen
  • Admission Policies

D. Transfer Admission

  • Applications, Requirements, Policies

E. Academic Offerings and Policies

  • Library Collections

F. Student Life

  • Student demographics (In/out of state, residence hall/commuter, age
  • Activities
  • Housing options

G. Annual Expenses

  • Tuition, Fees, Room and Board
  • Credits to be full-time
  • Estimated expenses (e.g. books, transportation)

H. Financial Aid

  • Scholarships/Grants in dollars
  • Loans, work-study, wavers, parent loans, etc. in dollars
  • Number of students receiving aid, amount received
  • Number of students receiving non-need based aid, amount received
  • Student debt
  • Process for getting aid
  • Types of aid available, criteria used

I. Instructional Faculty and Class Size

  • Number of men, women, minority
  • Degree awarded
  • Student/Faculty ratio, number of classes of various sizes

J. Degrees Conferred

  • % of undergraduate degrees in various categories

CDS Definitions

  • Definitions of terms used in the Common Data Set

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